1988 Yugo Gv

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Malcolm Bricklin

Malcolm N. Bricklin (born March 9, 1939) is an American businessman, widely known for an unorthodox career spanning more than six decades with numerous prominent failures and successes — primarily manufacturing or importing automobiles to the United States, ultimately starting over thirty companies.After franchising his father's hardware stores at age 19, Bricklin founded Subaru of America, Inc. in 1968, founded General Vehicles to manufacture the Bricklin SV-1 (1974-76), imported and marketed Fiat X1/9 and Fiat 124 Sport Spider (1982), imported and marketed under the name Yugo the Zastava Koral hatchback from the then-Yugoslavia (1985−92), manufactured and marketed an electric bicycle as the EV Warrior (1982), and contracted to import and distribute vehicles made by the Chinese company Chery (2004). In 2017, at age 78, he promoted a plan to transform high-end car dealers into high-end art dealers, after becoming interested in the business aspect of art.In 2005, the New York Times said Bricklin is "often likened to an automotive version of P.T. Barnum." In 2009, noted documentarian Morgan Spurlock said Bricklin "goes nonstop. He’s testosterone unleashed, a brilliant negotiator and an incredible character." In 2013, Rolling Stone described him as "brash, bombastic, and pathologically prone to betting the farm on pie-in-the-sky automotive endeavors." In 2017, Autoweek said Bricklin has "a mind that works like a machine gun." Keith Crain, publisher of Automotive News said Bricklin is "like one of those toy clowns that when you punch it, it bounces right back up."