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AT-1K Raybolt

The LIG Nex1 AT-1K Raybolt (Korean: 현궁 "Hyungung") is a South Korean man-portable third-generation anti-tank guided missile built by LIG Nex1. It has fire-and-forget capability using an infrared imaging seeker and has a tandem-warhead to defeat explosive reactive armor. The Raybolt has a top attack and direct attack modes. It is the first ATGM to be built by South Korea and entered mass production in June 2017. The Raybolt is positioned by its manufacturer as a competitor and peer with the American FGM-148 Javelin and Israeli Spike-MR ATGMs.The Raybolt was first shown publicly at the Indodefence 2014 exhibition and at the IDEX 2015 exhibition.