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Code of Openness

Code of Openness (CPO) is an open initiative of prostep ivip under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (German acronym: BMWi). The acronym CPO originally stands for the abbreviation of Code of PLM Openness. Openness is a capability provided by an IT system, and it is characterized by interoperability, portability and extensibility. These capabilities are implemented using IT interfaces, standards and the IT architecture. All these are technical aspects of openness, Openness is also based on non-technical aspects, which are related to the partnership between the involved partners (IT customers, IT vendors and/or IT service providers). The development of the CPO was inspired by the spirit of a "code of conduct". Thereby, the CPO goes far beyond the requirement to provide IT standards and related interfaces. It aims seamless connectivity and the easy integration of IT in networked IT-environments and therefore combines technological IT-requirements with those of IT customer and users. CPO a standard catalogue that defines measurable criteria (‘shall’, ‘should’, ‘may’) for the following categories: interoperability, infrastructure, extensibility, interfaces, standards, architecture as well as partnership.