Chab Khaled

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Beirut II

Beirut II (Arabic: دائرة بيروت الثانية‎) is an electoral district in Beirut, Lebanon, as per the 2017 vote law. The district elects 11 members of the Lebanese National Assembly - 6 Sunnis, 2 Shias, 1 Druze, 1 Greek Orthodox, 1 Evangelical. The Beirut II electoral district covers 8 quartiers (neighbourhoods) of the Lebanese capital: Port, Bachoura, Dar El Mreisse, Mazraa, Minet El Hosn, Moussaitbeh, Ras Beirut and Zuqaq al-Blat. The electorate is predominately Sunni (62.1%). 20.6% of the electorate is Shia, 5% Greek Orthodox, 3.41% Minorities, 1.86% Maronite, 1.65% Armenian Orthodox, 1.63% Greek Catholic, 1.55% Druze, 1.31% Jews, 0.81% Evangelical (Protestant) and 0.03% Alawite.