Farhan Ali Qadri

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Barelvi (Urdu: بَریلوِی‎, Barēlwī, Urdu pronunciation: [bəreːlʋi]) is a Sunni revivalist movement following the Hanafi school of jurisprudence, with over 200 million followers in South Asia and in parts of Europe, America and Africa. It is a broad Sufi-oriented movement that encompasses a variety of Sufi orders, including the Chistis, Qadiris, Soharwardis and Naqshbandis. The movement was developed under the leadership of Sufi scholar Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi (1856–1921) around 1870-1890, in opposition to contemporary revivalist Deobandi and Ahl-i Hadith movements.Unlike the revivalists who wanted to return Islam to the "historical past" or "as idealised in the holy texts", Barelvi sought to preserve Islam "as it had evolved into the present". The movement emphasizes personal devotion to God, adherence to Sharia, and Sufi practices such as veneration of saints, and especially "active veneration" of the Islamic prophet Muhammad "as the most exalted of all beings".Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi who was a reformer in north India who wrote extensively in defense of Muhammad and Sufi practices and became the leader of a movement called “Ahl-i Sunnat wa Jamàat”.