Hermann Jager

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114th Jäger Division (Wehrmacht)

114th Jäger Division (German: 114. Jäger-Division) was a light infantry division of the German Army in World War II. It was formed in April 1943, following the reorganization and redesignation of the 714th Infantry Division. The 714th Division had been formed in May 1941, and transferred to Yugoslavia to conduct anti-partisan and Internal security operations. It was involved in Operation Delphin which was an anti-partisan operation in Croatia that took place between 15 November and 1 December 1943. The objective of the mission was to destroy the Partisan elements on the Dalmatian islands off central Dalmatia. The division was transferred to Italy in January 1944, to reinforce the Anzio front. It was destroyed in combat in that theater in April 1945.