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Iris florentina

Iris florentina is the white flowered variant of Iris germanica now classified as Iris germanica nothovar. florentina. It is cultivated as an ornamental plant in temperate regions almost worldwide. Iris florentina is a rhizomatous perennial from southern Europe, mainly Italy (including the city of Florence) and France. It has a thick violet-scented rhizome, sword-like green or grey-green semi-evergreen leaves, a tall branched stem, and many flowers that are white and tinged or flushed with blue, pale blue, or lavender in spring or summer, and a white and yellow beard. It is also grown to produce orris-root, a scented substance used in perfumes, soaps, tooth cleanser, and clothes washing powder. Medicinally it was used as an expectorant and decongestant. It is made from the rhizomes of Iris florentina, Iris germanica and Iris pallida.