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Family of Imran Khan

The family of Imran Khan, the incumbent Prime Minister of Pakistan and former captain of the Pakistan cricket team, is the current First Family of Pakistan. Imran Khan was born on 5 October 1952 in Lahore to father Ikramullah Khan Niazi, a civil engineer, and mother Shaukat Khanum. Khan,s mother was the daughter of Ahmad Hassan khan who was the son of Munshi Gohar Ali Khan a session judge in jhalandar Khan grew up as the only son in the family, with four sisters. The family is ethnical of Mahajir origin. Paternally, Khan belongs to the Niazi Pashtun tribe which has long been settled in Mianwali in northwestern Punjab. Khan's mother came from the Burki Pashtun tribe settled in Jalandhar, Punjab, which emigrated a few centuries ago from South Waziristan in the tribal areas of northwest Pakistan. Khan's maternal family has produced several great cricketers, the most prominent of whom are Javed Burki and Majid Khan.In the year 1995, Imran Khan was married to Jemima Goldsmith, a British socialite turned writer and activist, and member of the influential Goldschmidt family of England. They have two sons from the marriage, Sulaiman Isa Khan (born 1996) and Kasim Khan (born 1999). The marriage ended amicably in divorce in 2004. In early 2015, Khan announced his second marriage to the British Pakistani journalist Reham Khan. The marriage lasted nine months and ended in divorce on 30 October 2015. In 2018, he married Bushra Maneka, who was previously his spiritual mentor.