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Six Nations land cessions

The Six Nations land cessions were a series of land cessions by the Iroquois "Six Nations" and Delaware Indians in the late 17th and 18th centuries in which the natives ceded nearly all of their vast conquered lands as well as ancestral land within and adjacent to the northern British colonies of North America. The land cessions covered most or all of the modern states of New York, Pennsylvania, western Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia, Kentucky, northeastern Ohio and extended marginally into northern Tennessee and North Carolina. The lands were bordered to the west by the Algonquin tribal lands of Ohio Country, Cherokee lands to the south, and Creek and other southeastern tribal lands to the southeast. The cessions were accomplished by a series of purchases and treaties between the Indians and Britain, the state or Province of New York, or (later) the United States between 1682 and 1797. Previous to the cessions, by the Nanfan Treaty of 1701, the Iroquois had gifted to the British their lands to the north and west of the Ohio River, part of the lands usurped by conquest in the Beaver Wars of the latter 17th century. During the early 19th century removals of Indians, most of the Oneida, one of the original Five Nations, migrated to Wisconsin. Other Iroquois migrated to Ontario or Oklahoma Indian Territory. As of the 21st century, the Iroquois are confined to 20 settlements and 8 reservations in New York, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Ontario, and Quebec.