Ngoc Anh Quang Dung

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Hồ Ngọc Hà

Hồ Ngọc Hà (born 25 November 1984) is a Vietnamese model, pop singer, actress and entertainer. She started her singing career by releasing her first album titled 24/7 back in 2004. The album was a hit and it helped her to make an appearance in Asia Song Festival in Korea.As being brand ambassador of Sunsilk, she cooperated with the brand to release new album and later run on tour campaign. Her second album Tìm Lại Giấc Mơ (Finding Dreams) was released in 2010 along with many mini projects which were later released in 2011. At the end of 2011, she released her 6th album named Invincible - Sẽ Mãi Bên Nhau with same title head single. She won 2 awards among 12 nominations, including Golden Apricot Blossom Award, HTV Award, Green Wave Award, Golden Album, Yan Vpop 20. In April 14, 2012, she won Favorite Female Singer Award with 14.216 votes at HTV Award.Along her singing career, she was also acting and made appearance in TV dramas such as Hoa Cỏ May, the movies 39 Độ Yêu (39 Degree of Love) and Chiến Dịch Trái Tim Bên Phải (Right Heart Campaign). She has been the brand ambassador of Sunplay, Toshiba, Sony Ericsson, Sunsilk and also an ambassador of music channel YanTV.