Pbn Raj Bains Phatte Chuk Di

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Britten-Norman Defender

The Britten-Norman Defender is a multi-role utility transport aircraft, manufactured by Britten-Norman of the United Kingdom. It is the military version of the Britten-Norman Islander, developed for roles such as utility transport, casualty evacuation, counter-insurgency and light attack, forward air control, patrol and reconnaissance. The term 'Britten-Norman Defender' relates to all militarised variants of the BN-2 product line including the Piston Defender, BN-2T Defender (sometimes known as the Defender 2000), the BN-2T 4R Defender (also known as AEW Defender and highlighted by its large bulbous nose) and the stretched variant BN-2T 4S, designated Defender 4000 (sometimes known as D4K).