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List of visible minority politicians in Canada

This list comprises persons who belong to a visible minority group who have been elected to the federal House of Commons, legislative assemblies of provinces and territories, and members appointed to the Senate. The first visible minority elected was Chinese-Canadian Douglas Jung, elected as a Conservative MP to the House of Commons in the 1957 federal election. There have been 111 visible minorities who have served as Members of Parliament, as well as 22 who have been named Senators. After the 2015 Canadian election, the highest number of visible minorities were elected to Parliament in history - with 49 MPs (14.5% of the House of Commons). Of the current federal visible minority politicians, 41 are Liberals (39 MPs, 2 Senators), 13 are Conservatives (8 MPs, 5 Senators), 2 are New Democrats (2 MPs, 0 Senators) and 7 are Independents (1 MP, 6 Senators). Provincially, visible minorities have been elected to 12 of the 13 legislatures – with only New Brunswick never having visible minority representation. There are currently 57 visible minorities serving in 9 provincial legislatures. Of those members, 23 are Liberals (21 Liberal, 2 Quebec Liberal), 20 are New Democrats, 11 are Conservatives (4 BC Liberal, 4 United Conservative, 2 Progressive Conservative, 1 Saskatchewan), 2 represent Quebec nationalist parties (1 Parti Quebecois, 1 Quebec Solidaire), and 1 is independent.