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List of Neo Geo games

The Neo Geo is a video game platform developed and designed by SNK and supported from 1990 to 2004. It was released in three different iterations; a 24-bit cartridge-based arcade system board called the Multi Video System (MVS), a cartridge-based home video game console called the Advanced Entertainment System (AES), and a CD-based home console called the Neo Geo CD. Each system features similar hardware and runs the same library of games through different media formats. Most games were first released on the MVS then rereleased for the home consoles, however some never saw a home console release and eight games were released exclusively for the Neo Geo CD. This page lists every game released for all three Neo Geo formats. Originally launched in the arcades, Neo Geo offered arcade owners the ability to insert up to six different game cartridges into a single arcade cabinet, while the home console counterpart was originally a rental-only system for video game stores in Japan but this was later reversed due to high demand and price, coming into the market as a luxury console. The home system had the exact hardware specifications as its arcade counterpart, which allowed it to bring exactly the same arcade experience for home users. In 1994, the Neo Geo CD was released as a cheaper alternative compared to the AES. Both the Neo Geo AES and the Neo Geo CD have sold 980,000 units combined worldwide as of March 1997. One million Neo Geo MVS units have been shipped worldwide as of April 1997. SNK continued creating software for the system up until 2004, even after the company ceased manufacturing the home consoles in 1997. Homebrew development for the system started after the console was discontinued, both by noncommercial hobbyists and commercially.