Shah Wedding

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Fawzia Fuad of Egypt

Fawzia Fuad of Egypt (Arabic: الأميرة فوزية فؤاد‎; Persian: شاهدخت فوزیه فؤاد‎; 5 November 1921 – 2 July 2013), also known as Muluk Fawzia of Iran and Fawzia Chirine, was an Egyptian princess who became Queen of Iran as the first wife of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran. Fawzia was the daughter of Fuad I, seventh son of Ismail the Magnificent. Her marriage to the Iranian Crown Prince in 1939 was a political deal: it would consolidate Egyptian power and influence in the Middle East, while bringing respectability to the new Iranian regime by association with the much more prestigious Egyptian royal house. It was never a love-match, and Fawzia obtained an Egyptian divorce in 1945 (not recognised in Iran until 1948), under which their one daughter Princess Shahnaz would be brought up in Iran. In 1949, Fawzia remarried Colonel Ismail Chirine, an Egyptian diplomat, with whom she would have a son and a daughter.