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Erfan (rapper)

Erfan Hajrasuliha (Persian: عرفان حاج‌رسولی‌ها‎), known professionally as Erfan Paydar (Persian: عرفان پایدار‎), is an Iranian rapper, songwriter, producer, and label owner. He is one of the pioneers of Persian Rap. Erfan's "Az Khaneh Ta Goor" (Persian: از خانه تا گور) was the one of the first professionally produced Persian rap albums, released by a major record label. He is nicknamed as "Sun of Persian Rap" (Persian: خورشید رپ فارسی) by his fans. He is the founder of the label Paydar. His views are a result of his personal experiences and that is reflected in his poems. His songs provide a mixture of commentary on daily life as well politics, poetry and social issues. In addition to Az Khaneh Ta Goor, Erfan has, to date, released three more albums including, Hamishegi, Khodafezi and Ayatoltrap (with Gdaal). Erfan's next album titled Angizeh (accompanied by Dara Paydar) is to be released on August 2, 2020. Erfan took a hiatus from music for two years following the release Khodafezi. According to Erfan, the reasons for his farewell is fully stated in this album. Then, in 2018, he made his return with the release of the single "Khosh Oomadi" featuring Canis. In addition to music, Erfan has worked in other fields including directing, photography, podcast production (تو ل لرگحیحبدندب Podcast), establishing Paydar Fit and Cuché sustainable apparel brands.