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Basic (slang)

"Basic bitch" or simply "basic", also known as "airhead", is a slang term in American popular culture used pejoratively to describe women who are perceived to prefer mainstream products, trends, and/or music. "Airhead" dates back to the late 1980s as a derogatory term for a stupid or unaware person, usually female. "Basic bitch" originated in hip-hop culture and rose in popularity through rap music, songs, blogs, and videos from 2011 to 2014.Their male counterparts are usually termed "bros", "Chads", or "urban preps". Similar labels to "basic bitch" or "airhead" in other English countries include contemporary British "Essex Girls" and "Sloane rangers", Irish "D4s", and Australian "haul girls" known for their love of shopping for designer gear, and uploading videos of their purchases on YouTube.