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List of most-subscribed YouTube channels

On the video platform YouTube, a subscriber to a channel is a user who, by selecting that channel's subscribe button, has chosen to receive content released by the channel. Each user's subscription feed consists of videos recently published by channels to which the account is subscribed. The ability to subscribe to users was introduced in October 2005, and the website began publishing a list of its "most subscribed Members" in April 2006. An early archive of the list dates to May 2006, at which time Smosh, with fewer than three thousand subscribers, occupied the number one position. Since then, at least ten other YouTube channels have possessed the platform's largest subscriber count; these include Judson Laipply, Brookers, geriatric1927, lonelygirl15, nigahiga, Fred, Ray (formerly RayWilliamJohnson), PewDiePie, and YouTube (formerly YouTube Spotlight). The most-subscribed channel as of September 2020 is T-Series, an Indian music video publisher operated by the entertainment company of the same name. With a subscriber count of 154 million, the channel has held this distinction since April 2019.