T S Miller

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Edward T. Miller (outlaw)

Edward T. Miller (ca. 1856 – October 1881) was a Missouri born outlaw. He was born in 1856, he was the son of Moses Miller and has an older brother called Clell Miller. Little is known about Miller, except that he took part in several robberies with Jesse James in Quantrill's Raiders, and especially after the downfall of Jesse's James-Younger gang. They robbed a train in Glendale, Missouri, in October 1879 and one in Blue Cut, Missouri, in September 1881. He was sentenced to 10 years in the Missouri State Penitentiary, but was released when he turned state's evidence on Bill Ryan.The Kansas City Times [October 31, 1881] reported that Miller was killed by Jesse James in October, 1881. According to some sources he was killed for talking too much about the Kansas City Fair robbery, which took place in 1872. Others say Miller became drunk one night and told a marshal about a train robbery that was to take place in the near future. The Times story speculated that a woman was involved. According to family history, however, Miller and James faked Edward's death in order for him to leave the James-Younger gang. Edward moved to Kentucky where he lived the rest of his life.