Tafseer E Quran

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Al-Fatiha, alternatively transliterated Al-Fātiḥa or Al-Fātiḥah (Arabic: الفاتحة‎, IPA: [ʔal faːtiħah]; lit. "The Opening" or "The Opener") is the first surah (chapter) of the Quran. It consists of 6 or 7 āyāt (verses) which are a prayer for guidance and mercy. Al-Fatiha is recited in Muslim obligatory and voluntary prayers, known as salah. Quranic chapter titles are not considered by Muslims to be part of the divine revelation of the Quran. The primary literal meaning of the expression "Al-Fatiha" is "The Opener," which could refer to this Surah being the first in the Quran, the first chapter recited in full in every rakat of salah, or to the manner in which it serves as an opening for many functions in everyday Islamic life. Some Muslims interpret it as a reference to an implied ability of the Surah to open a person to faith in God.