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List of compositions by Leevi Madetoja

The following is a list of the works of the Finnish composer Leevi Madetoja. In total, his oeuvre comprises 82 works with opus numbers and about 40 without. While Madetoja composed in all genres, he found his greatest success with the orchestra: symphonies, operas, cantatas, and orchestral miniatures all flowed from his pen. Curiously, he composed no concerti, although at various times in his career he hinted at plans for a violin concerto. Madetoja was also an accomplished composer for voice, as his numerous choral pieces and songs for voice and piano evidence; he found less success with—and composed sparingly for—solo piano. Finally, Madetoja wrote little for chamber ensemble after his student years, although it is unclear if this was due to insufficient skill or waning interest in the genre. Today, Madetoja is primarily remembered for his set of three symphonies (1916, 1918, and 1926, respectively); two operas, The Ostrobothnians (1924) and Juha (1935); the ballet-pantomime, Okon Fuoko (1927); the Elegia from the Symphonic Suite (1909); the Kalevalic symphonic poem, Kullervo (1913); and, The Garden of Death (1918, r. 1919), a three-movement suite for solo piano. In the inventory that follows, the dates provided indicate the year of composition, unless otherwise preceded by an "r.", for revision; an "a.", for arrangement; or, an "fp.", for first performance. Where possible, names in the original Finnish are included, with English translations in parentheses. At present, this list is incomplete, particularly in the songs and choral works subsections.