What Is Sufism

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Fana (Sufism)

Fanaa (Arabic: فناء‎ fanāʾ ) in Sufism is the "passing away" or "annihilation" (of the self). Fana means "to die before one dies", a concept highlighted by famous notable Muslim saints such as Rumi and later by Sultan Bahoo. There is controversy around what Fana exactly is, with some Sufis defining it as the annihiliation of the human ego before God, whereby the self becomes an instrument of God's plan in the world (Baqaa). Other Sufis interpret it as breaking down of the individual ego and a recognition of the fundamental unity of God, creation, and the individual self. Persons having entered this enlightened state obtain awareness of the intrinsic unity (Tawhid) between Allah and all that exists, including the individual's mind. This interpretation is condemned as heretical by orthodox Islam.